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Iced Mocha Latte

Iced Mocha Latte

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Coffee lovers unite!

This candle is perfect for anyone who cannot live without coffee. Perfect for decoration and perfect to burn, this unique candle has a blend of coconut-soy wax and gel wax to recreate the look of real iced coffee. It also smells like iced coffee!

Coconut-soy wax is notorious for being a slow burning wax - however, when mixed with gel wax, the burn time extends even more. 


Coconut-soy wax base. Gel wax for ice cubes. Zinc core wick. Candle dye.


10 oz.


Cut wick to 1/4" prior to first lighting. Keep candle lit for 4 hours or until candle has melted fully across.

As coconut-soy burns faster than gel wax, it is expected to have some gel wax around the corners on the first burn.

Trim wick before each burn.

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