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Concrete Summer Candles

Concrete Summer Candles

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Exclusive summer edition candles. Available this summer only in a beautiful, bright blue concrete jar!

  • Tootie Fruity - apple, melon, strawberry, and pear. super sweet fruit heaven!
  • life's a beach - fresh citrus and wild orchids. just like the doctor ordered.
  • jamaica me crazy - tropical fruits + rum. summer cocktail anyone?
  • oh, just peachy - georgia peaches, orange blossom, honeysuckle. ugh, i could go for a peach iced tea right now. 


    8 ounces.


    Luxury coconut and soy wax blend. Handcrafted concrete vessel. Wooden wick that crackles and burns beautifully. Phthalate free fragrances infused with natural, 100% pure essential oils.

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