Meet the Maker

Hello, my name is Kiara and I am the Founder + CEO of The Chiara Studio. I was born on the beautiful island of Guam (proud Pacific Islander!) and am currently living in Seattle, Washington.

I began creating candles in April of 2020 when the COVID-19 pandemic hit and it shut down my full-time job.

Back then, I thought it was all about just melting some wax and mixing some fragrance in but after so much trial and error, I learned that it was so much more. 

I fell in love with formulating skincare and with that website, sold my new candles. However, that passion began to feel like a chore and I lost sight of why I even enjoyed creating candles to begin with.

I took a break from candlemaking and decided to venture off and create a seperate website solely for candles and with a whole new purpose - to brighten every inch of your life, starting (quite literally) with your home, and thereon to your mood.

Quarantine lasted a bit longer than we expected though so with all my extra free time, I played around with yarn and concrete and it ignited a whole new passion - modern and minimalist home decor!

Each item created here at The Chiara Studio is made with so much time, dedication, and most importantly - intention poured into them.

There's currently no machine in the world that can replicate crochet, which makes it even more unique as each project can take up to months to complete. Concrete products and our candles are handmade in small batches, which can take several weeks to complete the process.

We hope that this shows in all of our products and we hope that our products do brighten every inch of your life!


Much Love,