Why Our Coconut-Soy Wax?

A huge part of The Chiara Studio is our sustainability. That not only means our packaging and products, but also the ingredients themselves.

We started off with 100% soy wax because it is advertised as being the perfect alternative to paraffin wax and in most cases, it definitely is. Soy wax is natural, nontoxic, and burns clean and much slower than the widely produced paraffin wax that most big brands use. It's cheap for a natural wax too. However, no one really talks about how it's sourced.

Soy wax is a by-product of the huge soybean industry which is own by giant corporation that raises concerns about the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and... deforestation. We don't like that. So we made the switch.

Our candle wax is made with a blend of 100% (non-GMO) soy and coconut wax. This blend is not only natural and non-toxic like pure soy wax, but it's biodegradable and a renewable, sustainable resource that is harvested by hand without the use of pesticides (wow, we love that!).

Our coconut-soy wax blend holds fragrance much better than the pure soy alternative and has a dreamy smooth and creamy texture. Oh, and it also burns longer than soy, which burns longer than paraffin, which says a lot.


Now, why do we market our wax blend as luxurious?

Well, that's because non-GMO soy wax is rare to find - in fact, more than 90% of soy wax is genetically modified (GMO). Coconut wax itself is more expensive due to its amazing qualities. When combined, this wax is not only rarer than others, but also so, so worth it.


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