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Now with an adjustable, faux leather strap with gold buckling due to popular demand!

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chiara (kee-AHR-a) : bright

born on the beautiful island of guam, mixed with black and filipino, i always struggled with my identity. it didn't help much that i worked 24/7 since i was 15 and never had time to explore any hobbies and really find myself.

the pandemic gave me a much needed pause in life and during that pause, i found myself within artistic exploration and the chiara studio was born!

my name is kiara, but in italian, spelled with a "ch," it means "bright." candlemaking, concrete making, and crochet brought me happiness and was a light in a time of darkness and I hope that with my products, I can provide that for you too!

Slow fashion's cool

There's no machine on earth  that can replicate crochet. Any piece of crochet you find in the wild was made by a real person, but not every person was paid fairly for their hard work.

Unlike the stuff you find at big box stores, everything at The Chiara Studio is sustainably made. I work twice as hard to source my materials to create products that not only reflect the hours that put into each piece, but also keep my prices on the more affordable scale. This does mean that every item I make is super limited though!

So always be on the lookout for restocks!

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